Interfaith Welcome Coalition (IWC)



 Mission and Vision

The Interfaith Welcome Coalition (IWC) is a faith-based movement meeting the changing needs of asylum seekers, refugees and at-risk immigrants in collaboration with others.

What We Do

  • We respond to the needs as they present themselves and as they change.
  • We provide basic support to people on their journey.
  • We educate and advocate to change the systems that impact immigrants.

Who We Help

We currently help many asylum seekers. These are migrants who have begun their asylum application, and are still awaiting the official grant of asylum by a judge as they travel to their sponsors across the country. The people we help usually come from Latin America and Africa (as of July 2019).

Our Goals

  • Recruit volunteers and provide funding for IWC service programs that serve the immigrant community.
  • Educate ourselves & others on immigration issues.
  • Allocate funds to provide material support for asylum seekers and at-risk immigrants.
  • Become aware of organizations which work with at-risk immigrants, collaborate with them and support their work.
  • Engage in advocacy activities related to migrant populations.


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Sustainable Development Goals
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