Promoting Healthy Eating in Elementary Students: A Pilot Study with Raindrop Foundation



Our initiative is meant to guide elementary students in San Antonio to maintain healthy eating habits by fostering education in nutrition through a culturally sensitive lens. We will collaborate with dental students, a UTSA dietetic student,  family medicine residents, and  community volunteers from Raindrop Foundation  to build and execute a well-rounded nutritional curriculum.

This project will include three different classes to promote healthy nutritional practices. The first will be aimed at outlining different food groups in appropriate quantities using a food plate model. Next, we will host a cooking class that will teach cooking nutritional meals. Lastly, as diet plays a huge role in cavity risk, dental students will help show proper oral health through brushing and flossing regularly. Additionally, we will provide supplies and encourage hands-on activities to engage the children. In the event we are unable to hold in-person sessions, we have contingency plans to move all our lessons virtually.

Learning and retention will be measured through pre- and post-quizzes after the training sessions. Three sessions will be held from October to December. This will consist of separate 45-minute sessions for 1st, 2nd/3rd, and 4th/5th grade classes.

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